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        Yangzhou Weijiang Machine Co.,Ltd. lies in Zhanggang industrial park, Jiangdu district, Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province,  which is a famous historical and cultural city. Our company enjoys a wonderful location which is close to Beijing-Shanghai highway and Ningtong highway with Changjiang River in the south and Beijing-Hangzhou Canal in the north. Yangzhou-Taizhou airport makes our company more close to the customers across the country. It has perfect geographical environment and wonderful traffic convenience.Our company specializes in manufacturing used in metallurgy, electric power, mining, building materials, coke and other large machinery and equipment and accessories, in order to adapt to different industries for crushing machinery requirements, we learn and absorb the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad, and domestic well-known experts to research and development of the patented PFCK reversible hammer crusher success, for major national steel and coking nearly four hundred enterprises, product quality and after sale service won wide acclaim from the users, become a metallurgical coking and refractory Institute and the National Institute of scientific research focused on the promotion of products, in recent years, products have been exported to Brazil, Iran, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Japan and other countries.

        Our company is a specialized producer and manufacturer of large-scale mechanical equipments and accessories for industries such as metallurgy, electric power, mine, building materials coke-chemistry etc. In order to adapt to different industry requirements of crusher, our company reference and absorb advanced technology of domestic and overseas congeneric products. Cooperated with famous domestic experts, our company developed patented serial products --- PFCK type reversible counter-hammer crushers, which have been successfully used in more than nearly four hundred customers of steel enterprises and coke-chemistry enterprise home and abroad and received high praise from the customers for good quality and for satisfactory services. And now it becomes the key recommended product by ACRE Coking & Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation of MCC and other leading design and research institutes in China.In recent years the products have been exported to Brazil, Iran, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries.To adapt to changing market demand, further updating of product structure, improve product performance, to meet higher requirements, the company developed PFCK Series II type reversible multi counter composite breaking new products machine, PCH series of high efficiency and environmental hammer type crushing machine, WJRM series of coke powder grinding machine, practice has proved that our company products for its excellent performance has been endorsed unanimously by the users.

        In order to meet the ever-changing market requirements and to improve the performance of products for higher requirements of customers, our company developed PFCK Ⅱ serial combined reversible multi-counter hammer crusher, PCH serial efficient ring hammer fine crusher, WJRM serial vertical mill and other new products. The products won the consistent approval for their superior performance.

        After years of hard work, our company has developed to be a larger scale specialized manufacturer of crusher. Products research and develop center has a hard working team,  perfect process equipment, advanced detection means and a complete set of quality assurance system. After several years hard working, our company won the title of Hi-Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu, Hi-Tech Products of Jiangsu, Quality Product Certificate of Jiangsu, AAA-Grade Credit Enterprise and Famous Brand Products of Jiangsu. All of these promote the quick development of our company. Yangzhou Weijiang Machine Co., Ltd. carries out the management ideal of Human Center, Sustainable Development, Sincere Service, Customers’ Satisfaction, and tries hard to devote quality products to customers with great sincerity and to achieve the goal of customs’ satisfaction.

        Our president Mr. Dai Qiai with all staff warmly welcome new and old customers to visit our company. Let’s build and develop a long-term cooperation and work together to create a promising future. 

        Name:Yangzhou Weijiang Machine Co.,Ltd.
        Add:Jiangsu province Yangzhou city Jiangdu District Zhang Gang Industrial

        Sales Department
        Tel:0514-86896066 86896088

        Technology Department
        Tel:0514-86896057 86896060

        Customer service department
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